Friday, October 17, 2008

Sewing today!

I had a wonderful day sewing today. The Ottrobre jacket pattern that I'm using for the Halloween costume is wonderfully drafted. Even with the amount of manipulation that I did (i.e., enlarging), it went together perfectly. I estimate that I'm about half way done. The jacket is sewn together and topstitched. It just needs cuffs on the sleeves, a collar, zipper, facing, and hemming. That shouldn't take too long to complete. Hopefully, I will have the afternoon and evening to finish up the jacket. Then, it will be on to the bag. I'm thinking that should be fairly easy. Although, I admit that I have never drafted a bag before.

The creation of the pocket flap and stitching it on went very well. I did take pictures of the process of creating the patterns and cutting out the pocket, flaps, lining, and interfacing. Once I finish the entire costume, I will post a tutorial of the pocket flap and the pocket lining.

Tomorrow morning, I will be helping neighbors with a garage sell. I hope that we sell everything very quickly.

Happy Sewing!

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