Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Keeping it Simple....

Our monthly knitting group meeting was this past weekend and I'm always searching for a small project that I can take with me and isn't tremendously taxing while you're sitting there and talking. This month I chose the Knotted Cables Washcloth pattern from Knitpicks.  Here's what there version looks like:

Of course, it is highly likely that this has been blocked and made to look very pretty.  Here's my version:

This has not been blocked. My gauge is off  and I can see one minor mistake.  My measurements are 1" wider and 1/4" taller than the pattern measurements.  I also don't have as many pattern repeats are the picture.  I went back and double-checked the instructions and I did miss a repeat.  I actually like this pattern and I may do it again.  I think next time I will drop a needle size and see if I can end up closer to the measurement given in the pattern.

Details:  Pattern is written for Dishy and a size 7 needle.  I used Sugar n' Cream with size 7 needles.

Happy Stitching!

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