Friday, January 6, 2017

Blouse Love....

Neiman Marcus really has my attention this week.  I have found another blouse that I would like to reproduce.  Here it is:

This top fits the model horribly, doesn't it?  It is really just a classic button-front blouse with a little bit of extra styling in the back.  That is really what caught my attention.  I'll have to look for just the right shirting for this but I do want to reproduce this look.  I would think that any shirt/blouse pattern with a yoke would work as long as it has already been fitted.  Since I'm getting ready to start working on the fitting the Archer pattern, I may use it as the starting point.

I seem to be moving toward a looser fit this season.  I have added two tops so far to my list of items that I would like to make and both are using the same pattern.  That is a win-win if I can get the pattern fitted correctly.  My first glance at the pattern indicated that there aren't any length markings so this is going to be fun.

Hope you're enjoying my looking and planning process.

Oh, if you're interested in looking at this blouse a little closer, go to the Neiman Marcus website and search for "Lafayette 148 New York Dannell Button-Front Stretch-Cotton Blouse".

Happy Stitching!

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