Monday, December 14, 2015

McCall's Early Spring Collection

Early spring has sprung at McCall's!  Admittedly, the weather has been spring like in my area.  The spring flowers/bulbs are poking their little heads up through the mulch.

This collection is full of very feminine dresses.  It's a must check out if that is the type of clothing you enjoy.  Here are my picks:

This is M7331.  This is a Nancy Zieman pattern. This pattern looks like every piece is very usable.  A nice cardigan/jacket with a t-shirt.  A pull-on knit pencil skirt that is tapered.  The leggings have a forward side seam with cuffs.  The forward side seam would be a slimming detail. I'm not so sure about the cuffs but I'm sure that can be eliminated.

This is M7324. It is a loose fitting, flowy top and tunic.  I think that the tunic belted with the Nancy Zieman leggings would produce a nice outfit.  What do you think?

This is M7323. Love the asymmetrical details of this top.  The top that the model is wearing is really cute in the stripes.   This top would give you a reason to watch for interesting stripe fabric.

What do you think of the early spring collection?

Happy Stitching!

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