Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Patterns for the Stash....

Oh, yeah, I did purchased additional patterns for the stash.  I really had no intentions of purchasing these patterns but decided to at the last moment I should.  Here's the patterns that have been added:

I love this top.  This is one that I will add to the sewing list and hope that I have time to make it up.

This pant pattern is what changed my mind about doing the ordering the pre-sale of the Fall patterns.  It's not the actually picture that did if for me but the description that Peggy gave of the pattern.  She described it as the woven version of the yoga pant. So, now I must give it a try.

This top has interesting lines and I might make it if I'm looking for something different to make up.

This jacket might get made sometime in the future.  It isn't high on the list not because it isn't a nice looking jacket but because I rarely make jackets.  Maybe that is something I need to correct in the future.  Jackets can be a big bang for your buck.

Why did I purchase all 4 patterns?  Well, the pre-sale special is generally less expensive that purchasing two patterns.  Hopefully, I will make at least the first two.

Happy Sewing!

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