Monday, April 14, 2014

Sewing Magazines

What kind of sewing related magazines do you get?  There was a time where I had 7 or 8 sewing magazine subscriptions.  I slowly have let go of my subscriptions till I have two left - Threads and Inspirations.  I have complete sets of both magazines but sadly I'm losing interest in both.  Does anyone share this problem with either one of these magazines?  I'll admit that the Inspirations magazine is just terribly expensive and that is part of the reason that I will not be resubscribing.  Threads, I have more time to consider.  While I'm considering the my current subscriptions, I receive an invitation for a free Burda Style US addition.  I received it the other day.  Here's the cover:

Isn't the dress on the cover cute?  There are a few interesting styles in this issue  I don't think that this will be a magazine that I subscribe to but I may get another issue just to see.  I do hope that I try a couple of the patterns.  If I do find the time, I will share my findings.

It does show that a little over half of the patterns are downloadable.  I did check one of the downloadable patterns and they are for sale not free with the purchase of the magazine.  I wonder how that will go over with the people who purchased a subscription.  Not to say that getting 20 patterns in the issue isn't bad but I seem to remember Burda magazine having 40 or so patterns.

Happy Stitching!

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