Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Muslin of the Diane Kimono Dress pattern

The first muslin of the Dianne Kimono Dress pattern has been completed.  I made the muslin using the tiered length on the skirt.  So, here it is:

I used a light weight cotton in a very pale yellow and did the stitching in black.  I cut out and followed the pattern directions exactly except I didn't do any facings or drawstrings.  When I saw this picture, I knew that when I tried on the pattern pattern that there was no way it had reached the center back.  It's hard trying to fit yourself.  Obviously, this is too tight.

So, it was off to trace the next size up.  The second muslin should be ready soon.  I hope it is a winner.  As this is a super easy item to stitch together.  I doubt that the stitching took me 30 minutes and that includes the pressing time and pinning the neckline so I could see how open it was.  I'm a very slow at sewing but I will try to note how long it takes me to make the dress.

I did play with the shoulder seams a little bit knowing that I have sloping shoulders but it's really tough to know how much to take out with the style.  Here's a picture with the should seams pinned up a bit:

It could be that there isn't as much wrinkling in the armholes area. How do you know when you have over fit this particular style?  Having those wrinkles are part of the styling otherwise you would have an armhole.  I think I need to remember that this is suppose to be a lose style.

Happy Stitching!

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