Friday, January 31, 2014

Adding to the Sewing Library and UFO completion

I purchased “Patternmaking For Menswear” by Gareth Kershaw this month.

I bought it specifically to see if I could draft something for my son.  The book contains a few patterns of interest – Henley shirt, hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, shorts, jean jacket, and a single-breasted jacket.  There are other interesting items that I think I can adapt to the wanted style.  Of course, this book is just for drafting.  There is no information for fitting or sewing instruction.  But one book can’t really provide all the information.  Fitting is really only accomplished via experience. 

My son is tall and very thin which makes it very hard to find clothes.  I measured him recently to see what size shirt he wears.  It was a 14 with 36 sleeves.  That isn’t exactly a common size to locate.  I did find some 14 ½ x 35/36 online.  SML sizing just doesn’t work well due to length.  I know I can’t be the only one in the situation.  I would love to hear where you’re locating clothes.  Oh, yeah, pants are 30x36 which I can’t find anywhere.  I told him to wear a belt and bought 32x36.  I hate that he is in the situation where everything is so completely oversized.  I have purchased a couple of patterns from Silhouettes for him.  A shirt pattern which is too big but Peggy explained how to reduce the size and a jean pattern. I have yet to get the courage to try anything.  I also wonder if he will have the patience for me to fit anything.  My goal for spring is a couple of shirts with the close fit the young guys seem to like that are long enough to stay tucked in.   

I did a little bit of sewing last night.  I finished one UFO and cut out the lining for the brown wool skirt.  Maybe I will finish it tonight.  Here's the UFO:

Can you tell I'm thinking of spring? Actually, I started these last spring and got all the pressing for the hems completed and never finished the hems.  Now, they are all done and ready for spring.

Happy Sewing!

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