Monday, April 30, 2012

I have been sewing and playing with new tools....

We recently went on a short trip and I had to have something to do while in the car. So, I got a Clover French Knitter with interchangeable 4 prong head, 5 prong head, and 6 prong heads:  

I’m not one for making jewelry but this does have instructions to create beaded jewelry. I had some sport weight wool and decided this would be perfect for playing with the French knitter. Following the enclosed directions (there are two methods) I created the following items:
4-prong head:

The one on the left is Method 1 and the one on the right is Method 2, I think.

5- prong head:

The one on the left is Method 1 and the one on the right is Method 2, I think.

6-prong head:

The one on the left is Method 1 and the one on the right is Method 2, I think.

6-prong head different method:

For this version, I was playing a little bit. Instead of following the directions for method 2, I wrapped the yarn around the posts twice. Then pulled the bottom yarn up and over the top yard. I was expected a looser knit but received a very tight knit.

4-prong head using 2 prongs like a lucet:

The one of the left is the Method 1 and the one on the right is Method 2, I think. I was expected a much tighter knit on this as a lucet will make a tight square cord, think shoes laces. Yes, if you were using the correct type of thread, you should be able to get a tight cord. Of course, maybe it depends on the size of the prongs and the distance apart . I do not know. Do you?

6 prong method with a crochet thread:

I enjoyed playing with the French Knitter. It might be fun to attempt to create some jewelry but I am not sure that I want to add another type of crafting to the already overflowing sewing area. I do think that this would be an great way to create an embellishment. I was thinking that a thread like Razzle Dazzle from Superior Threads would create a beautiful cord but the Glitter Halogram from Superior Threads would too. I’m sure that there are lots of threads and yarns available to create some beautiful cords or jewelry. I will be playing with this some more.

I made the 1st muslin of The Pattern T-Shirt pattern from Pamela’s Patterns. Here it is:

Please note that this is NOT finished. I really saw no point in finishing as it was too big. I may go back and take in the sides a bit and see if that helps any. The fabric I chose doesn’t photograph well so I couldn’t show pictures of the visible problems in the back ….many vertical folds going down my back. I will say that I thought that I chose the correct size. I talked to Pamela a little bit about the problem and then re-measured. I decided to go down a size. The next size has been traced and cut out. The 2nd muslin fabric has been chosen. Pamela also gave me directions to narrow the back. If moving to a smaller size doesn’t take care of the problem of the many vertical folds of fabric in the back. I have lots of fabric so this isn’t a big deal for me to play with the pattern, at least I’m using some stash fabric.

I found a new to me pattern company - Schnittquelle and I love this jacket. The new June/July issue of Threads arrived today. I love getting my sewing magazines. I have reduce the magazines to just two now – Threads and Inspirations. These are the magazines I enjoy the most. Back to Threads, the article that caught my attention first was the one on Sewing with Strips. I would like to play with the strips a little bit. One of the new Colette patterns has a dress version with stripes.

Well, I suppose that is it for now.

Happy Sewing!

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