Thursday, May 20, 2010

I did it!

Yes, I did it. I finished all of the projects that needed to be completed on Tuesday. Here's what I did:

First, I had to figure out the envelope for the situpons. So, I used a scrap piece of fabric and pins to create a small envelope. Here's my sample:

After playing, I figured out that the foldover part of the envelope needed to be on the inside. (In the background is my new Salem cutting mat and I love it. It is so big.)

Here's my testing of the turning.

Here's the finished sample. Perfect for what I need to do.

Now on to the real situpon. The cushions for the situpons are suppose to be 15" x 17" x 1". So, I measured around the measured around the length of the cushion and came up with 35". Next, I measured width along one side and one top and come up with 16". Here's the formula that I used to cut out the situpons:

Length - 35" + 1" (ease) + 6" (envelope) = 42"

Width - 16" +2" (seam allowances + ease) = 18"

Here's pics of the process and finished product:

Here's folding the envelope top with the right sides together. Because I was using a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth for this project, I used the finished edge for the edge of the envelope. Note the pin. I used 2 pins and pinned within the seam allowance which was 1/2". Next, I brought the opposite end up to meet the top of the fold (sorry, missed taking a picture). Then, I stitched 1/2" seams at a 5mm stitch length.

Here's the first turn after stitching the side seams.

Here's the second fold after the cushion was slide into the opening. This is where I was a little afraid that it might perforate but it didn't.

The finished product. Perfect for the boys and three days of classes in the mountains. Hope they are having fun. By the way, this is the same process for making a envelope style pillow case. Although, you might want the envelope part to be on the inside.
Now it was on to make a bag for the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag that is missing is carrying bag. Pretty much a mess. There are not any ties on this bag so it really does need the bag to contain it.

Fortunately, the matching sleeping bag has it's drawstring bag so I do have a pattern. The process that I used was to measure across the bottom circle. Then, I draw a similar circle adding 1/2" seams. I also measured around the bag and cut out a rectangle with the length + seam allowances and the width + seam allowance + top seam for drawstring.

Here's the finished bag and amazingly the sleeping bag fit. Everything for this project came out of the stash. I also found the drawstring and cord stops in the stash.

Both of these projects were super fast sewing. I was not looking for perfection in either of the projects. I just needed to get them done. I was very pleased with the outcome of both projects. I think that both projects took less than 2 hours to complete from making samples, cutting out, and sewing.

I think my next project will be the curtain for the deck. This is to block the afternoon sun so that we can enjoy the deck just a little bit more in the early evenings. My outdoor thread arrived today. So, I just need to remeasure the area where the curtain is to hang and figure out the various lengths of fabric. Hopefully, this project will turn out well. I purchased a felling foot for this project. Hope it works out well.

Happy Stitching!

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