Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moving along slowly...

Yes, I have been working the fabric for the placemats/table runner. The fabric has been washed and pressed. In reading through the directions, it stated to use misty fuse. I have never used this particular product. So, off the nearest quilting store. They didn't have misty fuse either but they did suggest steam a seam 2. So, I purchased a 1/2 yard and looked around a little bit. Low and behold, I found my favorite sewing notion - Wonder Tape by Collins. I felt a little bit greedy in that I picked up 4 packages for my notions stash. I can't believe that this has been discontinued. If you have been looking for this notion, may be you will find it at your local quilting store also.

Tonight, I plan on cutting out the placemats, table runner, and ironing the interfacing onto the fabric for the shamrocks. DH is out of town so I will not have a lot to do tonight. So, I'm going to be productive and work on this project. I have decided that I will use my featherweight to sew everything together. My various machines need to be used from time to time and this will be a very good project to use that machine for.

Ok, I'm off to get the rotary cutter going. It should make quick work of cutting out the base fabric for the placemats and table runner.


  1. FYI - I just read on PR tonight that Sandra Betzina said at the Sew Expo that Wonder Tape hasn't been discontinued, it's just that a big shipment been held up in customs since October. But I would've bought at least 4 like you! I'm so glad I still have a stash of 3 rolls to tide me over. :-)

  2. That's great news, Debbie. My distributor was the one who told me that it had been discontinued.