Monday, October 24, 2016

Next Round of Serger Testing....

Over the weekend, my husband and I took a road trip to Ohio for me to look at additional sergers.  The place that I went to had two of three sergers that I was wanting to look at. The machines I wanted to look at were the Juki MO-654de, the Juki MO-655, and the Juki MO-1000.   Unfortunately, the MO-655 was sold before I arrived.  So, I played with the Juki MO-1000, the Juki MO-654de, and the MO-114D. As far as I could tell, the MO-654de and the 114D were the same animal in a different box.  All three machines performed well with the variety of fabric that I took with me to play with.  The fabric that I took was a denim, a heavy fleece, a tightly woven home decor fabric, quilt weight fabric, a super stretchy polyester knit, a cotton knit, a light weight cotton.   I think that is it.

Since all three machines performed well with very little adjustments, I decided to re-thread the all three of the machines.  This is something that must be relatively easy to do.  I did not expect any of the machines to be difficult to thread.  I can thread the 936 with ease and it has a very complicated threading path.  The MO-654de and the 114D are identical inside.  What I found a little difficult with both of these machines was the upper knife placement.  It was far easier to thread the needles with the upper knife flipped out of the way.  With both of these machines, I felt like I had fat fingers and needed to use the tweezer to accomplish the threading (I did this on the 936 also).  Threading the M-1000 was a breeze.  The upper knife placement was in a different spot (more like the 936).  It mostly threads itself.  All you need to do is put the threads in the right spots and it will thread it's own loopers.  This machine as a manual needle threader, also.

I ended up being the most comfortable with the 114D and the MO-1000.  I have no doubt that this was because some of the features are similar to the 936.  

After some consideration, I did make a decision and it was:

I was really interested in the air threading.  If I were younger I would have definitely purchased the 114D.  Having the machine thread the loopers is so much easier on the old eyes.  Ok, I am fully aware that I took the easy way out with this.

I have no doubt that I will miss all the electronic on the 936 but hopefully, I love this serger too.

Next, I will go through my at home testing.

Happy Stitching!

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