Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where did the week go?

I can't believe it's been a whole since I wrote anything. I've been busy sewing or cutting out quilt pieces or place mats pieces. I'm really not much for cutting out a lot of little pieces all at once. So everyday, I worked a little bit. The place mat pieces are almost finished. I just have to cut out the backs, a few more small bits, and the binding. On Saturday, I was bored with all the little bits and looked around for a quick and easy project and I found it. I made the "Stuff-It-Bag" out of a navy/beige linen blend fabric from the stash. I know that I purchased that with a top or something along those lines but it didn't happen. Here's a picture of the pattern: I was very intrigued by the instructions for making this bag. I really just wanted to see how it would turn out. I don't usually like large bags but I do like this one. Here's the results:

This is one big bag. It would have been bigger but I cut the width of the fabric from 54" to 45". I also used one fabric verses using two. Now that I have seen how it goes together, I can see how using two separate fabrics to make the bag would make it a little more interesting. Since I followed the directions, this bag does not have any pockets. It is a reversible bag, too.

Today, I received bad news. The local machine dealer lost her contract with the machine company. I no longer have access to anyone to repair my machines. There are only company stores within 100 miles of me and they do not have repair services. Everything is sent away. The worst part is my favorite machine bent a needle while I was making the above bag and is now making a knocking noise. My serger is squeaking (I'm going to attempt to oil again). The "Behemoth" needs to have some stitches adjusted because they're not stitching properly. I could have taken the "Behemoth" and the serger in last week to be worked on but no I decided to wait till Monday. I'm really unhappy with the sewing machine company right now. Tomorrow, I will call and find out what I need to do about all of my machines.

Oh, I did forget to mention that I purchased a lot of fabric last week. All indoor/outdoor home dec type stuff. I purchased 9 yards of an outdoor fabric to make a curtain for one side of my deck, a beautiful panel to make a couple of pillows for outdoors, 12 yards of denim, and 5 yards of batiste. I'm going to have some sewing fun (I think). I'm guessing the outdoor fabric doesn't need to be washed before cutting. However, the denim and batiste will need to be washed. I still need to get just a little more outdoor fabric. I know, I bought way too much fabric but it was fun.

Happy Sewing!

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