Monday, September 21, 2015

Playing with Texture Magic.....

The fall season is almost upon us so my sewing buddy and I got together to play with creating Texture.

Texture Magic and Stitch & Steam by Bosal. The two materials look identical.  The Bosal product is suppose to shrink a little more than the Texture Magic.  Most of the playing was with Texture Magic.  I used Bohemeth.   Here's the first thing that I did:

I'm hoping you can see the stitches here.  My first play piece was done with a serpentine stitch and I stitched left to right, and top to bottom.  This took a lot of time to stitch out.

The result is a fairly even distribution of texturing.  This was the Texture Magic.

This sample used a 4-step zigzag stitch with distance between the rows of stitching being the width of the presser foot.  The stitching is from left to right. This resulted in very dense bubbly fabric.  It was much tighter than first sample.  This sample was created with the Texture Magic.

This sample is created identically to the one with the yellow pin in it except the Stitch & Steam was used.  I was a little surprised and I don't know if I did something incorrectly but I expected this to shrink more than it did.

This is the two samples together.  The Texture Magic Sample is the top one with the yellow pin.  You can see that the Texture Magic shrunk more than the Stitch & Steam.  I'm pretty sure that the Stitch & Steam was suppose to shrink more than the Texture Magic.

This sample is using the Texture Magic and a scallop stitch. The stitches are a presser foot apart.  This resulted in a loose wavy material.  Reminded me a little of rapids in the water.

On this sample, I used a heirloom stitch on my machine with the texture magic and used the presser foot for spacing the rows.  This sample reminds me of smocking.  Obviously, there wouldn't be any stretch associated with this.  I can see this being used as a yoke on a little dress.

On this sample, I used the Texture Magic with a straight stitch and did a spiral.  This was fun and I may do another one simple but use a serpentine and see if it looks different.  I love the big poof in the middle with texture going around.

This was a fun notion to play with.  I am still going to play with the Stitch & Steam some more.  I had purchased a yard of it and I have lots of scrap fabric.

I'm not sure what our next sewing session will entail.  My sewing buddy is in the process of building a long arm quilting frame.  I don't know how it is going to turn out but I do plan on having some projects to play with it.  I may end up letting my friend to the quilting on some of my projects for practice.

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