Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm back....

Sorry for the long wait for the finish of the bathroom project.  I've been sewing, crafting, and gardening without blogging about it.  It was nice break.

Here's the before picture of the main bath in my house:

Yes, it was the 60s Pepto Pink.  The shower is pink, the floor is pink, the toilet is pink, and the walls have wallpaper.  It now looks like this:

Doesn't it look better?  A very neutral pallet.  We did add a small cabinet above the toilet after this picture was taken.  The only thing that I would do differently in this room is have a gray counter top instead of the black.

Here's a picture of the rug that was made for this area:

This little rug did not turn out exactly as I thought it would.  It is fluffy.  If I were to do it again.  I would add a layer of batting and another backing piece.  Creating the chenille was probably the hardest project that I have ever done.  It was heavy and the sewing machines didn't like it much.  I did purchase a tool to use for cutting the chenille but it was useless.  It was the Havel's Chenille Technique Rotary Cutter:

I was unable to get this to cut anything.  It wouldn't even cut 1 layer of fabric.  I was disappointed.  This tool was not inexpensive but if you're going to do chenille it is easier if you have a cutter.  I ended up using my scissors and it took many days to cut the channels plus it made my hands very sore.  I'm glad I tried the technique but I'm not sure that I will make anything else using the chenille technique unless it is much smaller than the rug.

Here's a picture of the potholder from Oh Fransson!  :

This was a fun little project.  We did free-motion quilting.  I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the free-motion quilting, but it was fun and we did have a lot of laughs at my attempt at the free motion quilting.  Let's just say that my stitches were really big.  It is definitely something that you need to practice to perfect.

Ok, that is enough for now.  I'll be back after the first of the year and I intend to be more active 2014.

Happy Holidays!

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