Monday, August 9, 2010

Moving to the next project...

Well, it's been two months since I started the curtain for the deck. No, it hasn't been finished. Really it only lacks me putting the rings in. However, my DH has asked for something. He even drew up a "pattern" for me.

Yep, it's a big circle. What is the project? The brew master wants a very fine mesh bag for one of his brew pots (a grain bag). Easy enough, I think. Just need to calculate the circumference. What's the formula again? Guess, I need to look it up. Ah, the formula would diameter x pi (3.1416). I must remember the seam allowances. (Of course, I could just pick a point of the outer circle and measure around but what is the fun of that.)

Here's the fabric. It's a polyester. The brew master says that the temps in his pot won't get high enough to melt and he's positive that it is exactly what he wants. I will had a bit of elastic at the top to hold it to the outside. Again, chemist part of said brew master says it won't melt.

Hopefully, this will be super quick. He's been waiting all summer.

Happy Sewing!

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